Mt Waverley's Best Kept Secret: Syndal South Primary School


Frequency Asked Questions

Parking is prohibited within the confines of the School Crossing while the flags are in position. The flags are displayed during those times when children might have cause to use the crossing. Encourage your child to use the crossing correctly and set an example by not “dropping off” or “picking up” your child within the “NO STANDING” area.
Because of the obvious dangers, particularly for smaller children, parents MUST NOT set down, or pick up their children from the STAFF CAR PARK, before or after school.
Be aware of street parking restriction signs as fines are imposed by council for non adherence to signage.
Bell Times
School starts each day at 9.00am. The yard is supervised from 8.45am prior to this we ask that parents stay with their children in the yard. Students spend half hour outside for morning recess from 11.00-11.30am. Lunchtime is 1.30 – 2.30, with students eating inside for the first ten minutes. School finishes at 3.30pm daily.
Children eat their lunches under supervision in their classroom from 1:30 to 1:40 pm. Children are not allowed to leave the school grounds at lunchtime without prior written request from a parent and, only then, when accompanied by an adult.

Syndal South is part of “Schools for a Sustainable Future“, whereby we promote a reduction in litter by the use of reusable containers and healthier eating habits.

Lunch Orders
An arrangement has been made with the local Milk Bar proprietor to have lunch orders made up and delivered to the school on all school days. Please note that this arrangement is solely a service to parents and the shop should not be considered as part of the school.

Lunch Order price lists will be distributed to all children at the commencement of the year and at various times throughout the year if there are price or menu changes. The price list is also located under Forms in the Parent Information section.

To order lunch, children should bring to school a brown paper bag on which is written the child’s name and grade and the name and price of items required. The money should be wrapped and enclosed in the bag, and handed into their teacher at the start of the school day.
Occasionally, “Special Food Days” are conducted by the Parents’ Association – advance notice of these will generally be in The Rocket.

Brain Food
As a school we are conscious of students looking after their brains and eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water to assist in caring for the brain.

To give the brain the energy to maintain concentration and motivation during class, students are encouraged to eat cut fruit and vegetables at regular intervals.

Everyday, at 10am, and 12:30 pm children can graze on their brain food. Water bottles are allowed in the class at any time

Brain food suggestions: cut fruit (apples, pears, oranges, watermelon, mango, banana, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes); sultanas; raisins; dried pear or apples; cut vegetables (celery, carrots)

If your child is going to be absent from school we ask that you call and leave a message, there is an option for you to go straight to the message bank on the school phone – 98025277. Parents should send a note, giving the reason for absence with the child when they return to school. If your child is going to be absent for a period (for example an extended family holiday) then it is essential that you speak to your child’s teacher so that they can arrange a learning program for them to undertake whilst away. Written notes should be provided to school for extended periods of absence.

Click here for the list of illnesses/diseases that exclude a child from attending school. Further information is available from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website (click here).

Another website that may be helpful is “Scratching for Answers“. This gives information on dealing with head lice.

Late Arrival and Early Departure

Late Arrival and Early Departure

If you are running late in the mornings, your child must report to the office to sign in. Our teachers mark the rolls online first thing in the morning, it is essential that we have a record of those arriving after this point. Students sign in and take a late card to their teacher.

If your child needs to leave school for an appointment then you or your nominated adult must report to the office to sign your child out. If your child is returning to school they will then need to be signed back in by the adult. No child will leave school during school hours without being signed out and collected by a parent or nominated adult. When signing your child out you will collect an early leaving card to present to the class teacher.

First Aid

In the event of sickness or an accident at school:

  • teachers and support staff are Level 1 first aid trained. Several staff have level 2 training.
  • The school has a well equipped first aid room should children need treatment or are unwell and waiting for parents to collect them. In addition, yard duty teachers carry a “bum bag” with basic first aid equipment.
  • In cases of sickness and accidents other than minor cuts, bruises, etc., a parent will be contacted by the school, and will then take over responsibility for the child. If parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact nominated by the parent on the Confidential Student Information Forms will be sought.
  • When dealing with matters that are considered serious, if no person responsible can be contacted, the doctor nominated on the Confidential Information Sheet is telephoned, or an ambulance will be called and the child accompanied to hospital.
School Banking

The Commonwealth Bank has offered a school banking service since the 1930’s. It is aimed at encouraging students to save and watch their money grow using a Youthsaver Account.

Deposit books and money are to be brought to school and put in the silver School Banking satchel in their classroom by Wednesday. When the deposit is completed, books are returned to students.