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At Syndal South Primary School we have been teaching Japanese for more than 10 years.  Two qualified specialist Japanese teachers form the Japanese team. All students have 60 minutes of Japanese every week.  Our Japanese language curriculum is experience- based and students learn not only language but also culture through a variety of topics.  Apart from the curriculum covered in classes each week various other opportunities are also offered to students through our Japanese program:

  • Karuta Card Game

5/6 Student can play a special version the Karuta Card Game with each other, or even compete against other schools.

  • Japanese Cultural Day

Every two years, our whole school celebrates Japanese culture and enjoys a wide range of fun activities such as traditional Japanese festival games, Bon dancing, Taiko (drumming) performances, Japanese martial arts demonstrations, craft activities, chopstick racing and lots more.

  • Cultural Diversity Day/Harmony Day

SSPS has such a multicultural community and we celebrate our rich diversity of cultures every year holding a diversity parade and activities.

  • The Bilingual Class

We support students from Japanese backgrounds and other advanced students by providing an extra 60 minute Japanese lesson per week tailored to their individual needs. Students participate in YOMIKIKASE (book reading) time and have lessons based on Kyoukasho (Japanese textbooks) in groups.

  • Japanese Club

Two Japanese Captains are chosen from Grade 6 students every year and one of their leadership responsibilities is to work with a Japanese teacher to plan and run the Japanese Club one lunch time every week. They enjoy carefully discussing and planning activities at recess in preparation. Origami is one popular activity and is always well attended.

  • The Japanese Cooking Lesson

SHOKUIKU (Cooking and nutrition) is one of the popular topics covered and has been taught for 6 years in Japanese classes. Students enjoy not only Japanese cooking but also thinking about what healthy eating is in different cultures.

  • ICT

At SSPS we have introduced 14 iPads to the Japanese program this year to expand student’s hiragana script skills.  Children have also enjoyed using apps creatively to build their own dictionary and make role play video clips.

  • Videoconference

We have started conducting video conferences with Japanese students of Kadoma City Primary School in Osaka. Through this video conferencing Grade 3/4 students have an amazing opportunity to make their own battery as a part of science lesson which is sponsored by Panasonic.

  • Please see our WIKI

As resources used in class are put on this site children are able to access these and practise when not at school!

Learning language is SUGOI(great)!

Miyagi Sensei and Vimpani Sensei

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Japanese Learning

Some insight into the great Japanese program and all that it offer our students.
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