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Solar Car and Boat.

Syndal South Primary School has been involved in the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge since 1998. The aim of the program is to encourage teamwork, creativity and learning. Students work together to learn science and engineering principles relating to solar energy, photovoltaic cells and optimization of energy efficiency.  The process starts in Term 1 and continues until Term 4, when we compete against other primary schools and high schools from around the state. We are very fortunate to have the expertise of engineers who assist the students in their investigations and designs. The students research the effects of wind drag, look at wiring and electrical circuits, use of renewable sources of energy and the stability of the vehicles they create.

Students in grades 5 and 6 are given an opportunity to try making a solar powered boat to express their interest in the program. Once selected, teams must work together to plan, design, build and test a model solar powered vehicle. The vehicles are judged on the students understandings, a poster explaining their process, a team costume and their car or boat performance. Students, whose car or boat is successful at the Victorian event, are given a chance to participate in the National Event.

In 2011, we had two car teams compete in the Victorian event, as well as a smaller pursuit event. One team, Solar Eclipse, won the pursuit event and placed in the top 20 cars at the Victorian Event. The other team, Overtime, came 5th in the pursuit event and placed in the top 10 cars at the Victorian Event. In 2012, we have 30 students competing in two car teams and 5 boat teams working hard to complete their vehicles before October.

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Solar Car and Boat

This album will show you the great work undertaken by our Year 5/6 students, their teacher and mentors as part of the Solar Car and Boat program.
Car building