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SSPS School Tour

Take the time to look at the many facilities of Syndal South by viewing photos of the school.
Inside the Art Room

Activities with our Prep buddies

Students did a variety of activities with their buddies to develop their skills.
Prep buddies (4).JPG

A week in Prep B

Welcome back to term one. In the prep room we have begun our literacy groups, the children are really enjoying working in small groups to do reading and writing activities. Our prep guinea pigs have arrived and will stay in the prep rooms for the year. Children love to feed and help care for them and often draw and write stories about them. In Maths we are exploring bundles of 10 and learning to count by tens by asking the question - How many fingers in our grade? Our Inquiry question is - Why is my family special, the children are very active role playing families in our home corner. We encourage them to find and make the things that a family might need in their home.
Literacy groups in PrepB.jpg

Preps learning about iPads with their buddies

Grade 5 and 6 students teach Prep students how to take photos and edit them using a variety of apps.
Preps and buddies using iPads (15).JPG

Tree Planting Day 2013

The children of Syndal South Primary School giving back to nature on Tree Planting Day, Friday 2nd August. Mrs Sally Blaber and Environment Captains Mykelti and Rylee led the way, with each grade contributing to the event. Parents, teachers and students worked together to promote sustaining our future.

Level 2 Inquiry Individual Research Projects

In Level 2 we have been looking at "What do Living Things Need to Survive?" We are all looking at different animals and finding out information about them. We will then be putting the information together and displaying it on a poster. Each child has chosen their own animal to research.
Level 2 finding out.JPG

Canberra Camp 2014

A photo gallery displaying our Year 5/6 students on camp in Canberra. Our visitis included Questacon, W
CSIRO Experiment 1.JPG

Canberra Camp 2014

This year, our years 5 & 6s went to Canberra and explored Parliament House, The Australian Institute of Sport, Regatta Point, Questacon and T

Japanese Cultural Day

On Thursday 14th March, the students, teachers and parents of Syndal South Primary School celebrated a day of the Japanese culture. This included the wonderful taiko (drums) and shamisen (guitar) performances, gold fishing, origami and chopsticks and beans races. A fantastic experience for all!
Goldfishing 4.jpg

Badge Ceremony

On Friday 8th March, the Year 6 leaders were presented with their badges by the Speaker of The House of Representatives, Anna Burke.
Library Leaders.JPG

Discovery Learning in Prep

Prep students working cooperatively in activities around the Prep rooms.
Discovery learning 1.jpg

Solar Car and Boat

This album will show you the great work undertaken by our Year 5/6 students, their teacher and mentors as part of the Solar Car and Boat program.
Solar panel.JPG

Out of School Hours Care

Take some time to see our fabulous program in action.
Fuzzy felts in OSHC.jpg

Visual Arts

A chance to see some of the art works created by our students.
Student photography 4.jpg

SSPS Scrapbook

A Group of students and staff from Syndal South were fortunate to visit Mino Jiyu Gakuen in August 2007. A Scrapbook about SSPS was created and presented to Mino Jiyu Gakuen as part of a gift from our school.

Solar Car Challenge

Syndal South Primary School has been involved in the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge since 1998.
Firefly, at the start of a race

Learning in Year 3/4

Different learning experiences in Year 3 and 4
3. Layers of the Earth.JPG

Japanese Learning

Some insight into the great Japanese program and all that it offer our students.
Tea ceremony.JPG


A fabuous biannual community event to raise funds for our school.
Fete - looking for an outfit.jpg