Mt Waverley's Best Kept Secret: Syndal South Primary School

Specialist Programs.

Syndal South Primary School is able to offer the following specialist programs to our students on a weekly basis:

  • Japanese
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education

Music – Glenys Ferguson

Some of the goals that the music program seeks to develop are:

  • To develop skills and techniques as a musician
  • Singing, playing, creating, moving, listening to a variety of music
  • To experience and use musical instruments
  • To be disciplined to practise and polish pieces for performance
  • To listen, form opinions, discuss and analyse music
  • To appreciate music from other cultures, times, and contexts
  • Experience a live performance by professional musicians

OVERVIEW for 2013

The 5/6 students develop their musicianship through a variety of activities.

In term 1 and 2 the class lessons will strengthen students’ interpretation of simple rhythm and music symbols. There will be an emphasis on knowledge and presentation of songs from the ABC Sing book for 2013.  Activities will enable students to work individually, in small groups or whole class.  Jazz and brass music will feature in the listening component and culminate in a live performance by ‘Side Show Alley’ in August.

Our 5/6 school choir will start soon as we plan to do some public performances this term!

The treble and descant recorder class is still an important extension part of music. Places for these lessons are being offered in February.

This year, there will be another special choir of committed and auditioned students who will be rehearsing for the Department’s ‘State School Spectacular’. This event at Hisense Arena in July will be one of the performing highlights of the year and will give some unique music experiences to those who participate.  Please look out for the reply form for this choir as its membership must be finalised as soon as possible.

The 3/4 students will sing from the ABC book and listen to the music by the brass group ‘Side Show Alley’, as appreciating live music is a valued music  and learning outcome. The descant recorder program will introduce and extend each child’s ability to read music and participate in music making.  The 3/4 choir occurs later in the year, but it will be a part of the festivities at the School Fete in October.

Prep to year 2 students participate in music games, singing, playing instruments and dancing. Feeling the beat, reading from notation, intune singing and taking the risks as a music performer are foci. Year 2 students each receive a 5 week xylophone ensemble program, making the playing of music fun and accessible.

The school has a large collection of xylophone and marimbas. Parents are welcome to visit and acquaint themselves with Glenys Ferguson, our music specialist teacher.

The school offers a ‘user pays’ music program in guitar and piano if students need further music extension on learning an instrument.


Physical Education – Charlie Kenez

Prep-2 Phys. Ed.

Physical Education sessions will commence in week 2, with the emphasis at this early stage on the Basic Fundamental Motor Skills like running, jumping, throwing and catching. Athletics will also be a focus towards the latter part of the term in preparation for the Annual Twilight House Sports to be held on Friday 22nd March. The Perceptual Motor Program will also commence shortly, where we will be asking for some parental support.

Year 3-4 Sport/Phys. Ed.

Years 3/4 will commence swimming sessions at Huntingtower in week 2, as part of the PE/Sports Program. Thank you to those parents who have offered to assist with the program. Tennis coach, Danielle Jones will be introducing the Hot Shots Tennis program during their 60 minute PE sessions during the early part of the term, before our attention will turn to Athletics in preparation for the Annual Twilight House Sports to be held on Friday 22nd March.

Year 5-6 Sport/Phys. Ed.

Year 6 students will be participating in an interschool-summer sport round robin, in games of Cricket, Softball, Tee-ball, Rounders and Danish Rounders, to be held at Jells Park in February. Then it’s off to  Karoonda Park for a 5 day adventure camp, where the kids will get the opportunity to go horse riding, abseiling, rafting and the like. In the latter part of the term, our attention will turn to Athletics in preparation for the Twilight House Sports and later District Athletics Carnival to be held first week back in term 2. Opportunities will also be available for cricket, swimming, tennis try outs.