Mt Waverley's Best Kept Secret: Syndal South Primary School


Communication with parents is essential . We provide you with an Information Booklet at the beginning of each school year. We also produce a Prep newsletter each term to inform you about our learning program. There is often important information in these newsletters so be sure to read through them each term.


Prep Newsletter Term 1 2018

Foundation Newsletter Term 2 2018

Victorian Curriculum 2018

Our aim is to make the beginning of your child’s education as engaging, relevant and meaningful as possible. We want the students to develop independence in their learning, as well as their personal organisation.

Each morning the Prep students participate in Early Years Literacy. This involves Reading and Writing activities. The children work in small groups independently, or with a teacher or helper. At the end of the session, the children have the opportunity to share their learning with the class.

Each week, the Prep students will have 4 to 5 one hour sessions of Mathematics. Here, the students will be participating in many hands on and real life activities and games that focus on developing skills and strategies in Number and Algebra (number recognition, counting, simple addition and subtraction equations), Geometry (two-dimensional shapes and three dimensional objects), Measurement (measuring using informal units, such as counters and hand prints) Chance and Data (collecting data and making simple graphs) and Problem Solving (using materials and diagrams to investigate mathematical and real life situations).

During Term 1 our Integrated Curriculum focuses on social and emotional learning. These activities (learning centres) are designed to encourage interaction between children and foster the development of social skills and team work. Types of learning centres that may be included in each session:

✱Felt boards to make a story

✱A tub of water and objects that may float or sink

✱ Lego or boxes for construction

✱ Plastic toys and counters to encourage pattern making

✱ Painting at the art easel

✱ Dress ups for imaginary play

✱ Puzzles

* iPads for story making and telling

As well as the development of social competencies these learning centres also enhance problem solving, number sense, fine motor skills and the ability to sort and classify.

Our Buddy Program

At Syndal South Primary School, we are part of the Better Buddies program (The Allannah and Madelaine Foundation) for our Prep/Grade 5s. We have a session together each week, as part of our regular Prep classroom activities. This is a very successful and exciting program that gives the Preps a “familiar face” and another friend in the playground and around the school. The development of these relationships helps all of our students to make connections and to learn to work with many different students.

In Prep, we encourage parents, grandparents and friends to participate and help out in the classroom with a variety of tasks. This is a fun and rewarding experience. Everyone is welcome!