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Grade 5 & 6.


Term 4

We have had the Grade 3/4’s come for a visit to watch our Socratic sessions.  Some of them even took up the opportunity to sit in the circle.

Term 3 – Week 8 – Inquiry “Going Further”

This week the Grade 5 and 6’s are living in interesting places in our building.  This week is the culmination of this terms inquiry.  They have to work out how to live in their interesting environment and build a tool to survive in this environment.  They have to use all the knowledge they have learnt this term about materials and their properties to design  a survival tool.  They have to incorporate their knowledge of design techniques and tests to make it work.

Friday  – we started planning our itineraries.

Monday – we started building – ‘am’


Monday – ‘pm’

Term 3 – Week 7 – Grade 56 Grand Prix

We have been designing cars and then building them.  There was a design criteria which included

*must travel 8 meters *must travel straight and stay within the track lines *must be made out of 3 different materials.

Each grade had a “race off” to see whose cars would go into the finals.  Each grades top 5 cars that won the races and who fulfilled the criteria went into the Grand Prix. We raced the cars to get one winner from each grade who then competed in the final of the Syndal Grand Prix.

We got a winner – it went straight, travelled over 8 meters and was the first over the line to win the Syndal South Grand Prix trophy for 2017.

Term 1 Newsletter – Term 1 Newsletter 2017

Information Book 2017 – Information-Book-Year56-2017


Term 3 Newsletter – Term 3 Newsletter 2016

Term Two Newsletter – Term 2 Newsletter 2016

Term One Newsletter – Click on the link to see  – Term 1 Newsletter 2016 copy

Information Book – Updated for Term 3 and 4 –Information-Book-Year56-2016.doc

The Grade 5/6’s spent a very busy 3 days in Canberra in week 3 of term.  We learnt and discovered lots of new things and enjoyed visiting places including the AIS, Parliament House and a trip up the Telstra Tower at night.

Some photos of the camp.

IMG_2596 IMG_2497


Week 1 Term 4

This term has started with bang.  Activities are in full swing.  We have started a new coding programme with the some children this week and the others will start next week.  This programme is part of the Digital Learning Technologies curriculum.  They are watching a series of videos, reading information and then writing the code to make an animation complete the programme.  The children are enjoying the new programme and learning lots.

IMG_5640 IMG_5641

We have also started our Inquiry Unit – As a Global Citizen, how can I make a difference?  The children have come up with some issues and areas that they are concerned about and researching them.


End of Term – Staff vs Grade 6 Footy Match.

Here is an account of the annual Teachers vs Grade 6 Footy Match.

Teachers were victorious again.


September 8th

Day 2 of Tent City – all camp sites have been completed.  The children are living in their spaces for the day. Today they are completing their itineraries, started their expedition focus ( to make a tool which they can use to investigate their environment) and start an electronic diary which they are adding to each day to really give us a feel of where they are, what it is like to live in this environment and how their expedition is going.  The children are using shared computer folders to complete their activities on laptops, desktops and iPads.

Some completed camp sites

The Blue Grotto                                                                      The ice caves

IMG_5582                         IMG_5583

The  Great Blue Hole                              Iguazu Falls                                       Uluru

IMG_5586     IMG_5587       IMG_5590

September 7th

Today we started our end of term Inquiry project.  They children are grouped into groups of 4 and have been given an extreme environment to live in.  They have set up camp in the 5/6Building in their environment after having researched the area and what they might need to live in that environment.

Today they had to research how to get to their place, and then work out once flying there how they got to their actual place.   They had to write an itinerary and cost it out.

IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5579


The 5/6’s have just spent a couple of weeks designing and building their own model cars.  This is part of their Inquiry Design unit.  They were given some parts and then had to use 3 other materials to make the car go.  The parts they were given included wheels, axles, an engine and a turn on and off switch.  On Friday we then had a race to see whose car was the quickest over 10 Meters.  We had qualifying first where the cars had to travel over 3 meters in a straight line then they could move onto the races.  It was an entertaining racing session with lots of cars heading in circles, wheels falling off, crossing over into other cars and some starting off slowly and then speeding away.

We ended up with a final of 4 cars with the winning car crossing the 10 meter line in just over 5 seconds.

Racing Day with 5/6 own designed cars.

Racing Day with Grade 5/6’s  designed cars.


The finals

IMG_5457 IMG_5458 IMG_5452

Some shots of the racing.

56 classroom            ICT in 56's                                     working together

Communication with parents is essential. We provide you with an Information Booklet at the beginning of each school year. We also produce a Year 5 & 6 newsletter each term to inform you about our learning program. There is often important information in these newsletters so be sure to read through them each term.

Term 3 Newsletter – Term 3 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter 2015 – Term 2 Newsletter

Information Booklet 2015 – Information-Book-Year56-2015

In the final two years of primary education at Syndal South Primary School we encourage our students to continue striving for academic excellence and prepare them for a smooth transition into secondary school. Our students develop a strong sense of belonging and connectedness with our school and their peers due to the range of opportunities and challenges that are presented to them. As teachers we forge positive relationships, and set high but realistic expectations for all of our students by ensuring that they are engaged, supported and challenged in their learning. The conversations we have with our students are based on encouraging them to: do their best, be honest and fair, show kindness, challenge themselves, be resilient, and value both their individuality and that of others.

Our students participate in rich learning experiences within the classroom and in the school’s specialist Art, Japanese, Music and Physical Education programs. This is complemented by many extra-curricular activities which are offered to extend our year 5 and 6 students, including: Aerobics, Solar Challenge, Student Representative Council, Year 6 Leadership, Year 5 Better Buddies, Camping, Little Scientists-Big Science (John Monash Science School), Schools’ Technology Project (Monash University), G.A.T.E.WAYS and Waverley Links Enrichment programs.


The skills of being able to build strong friendships, work well in teams, understand people’s feeling and learning to manage conflict become more important as our students prepare for secondary school. These skills in interpersonal development as well as those of personal learning are brought to the forefront of the curriculum in year 5 and 6 and become the building blocks of student leadership development.

  Team Building

A very unique feature of Year 5 and 6 at Syndal South is the way we work with our students on developing these important skills. Our students are provided with opportunities to practice student leadership both within and beyond the classroom.

All Year 6 students are allocated a role with specific responsibilities as either a Captain or Leader. They participate in weekly Year 6 Leadership workshops, which enable them to develop the on-going skills and understandings needed to fulfill their role as school leaders. These workshops explicitly teach the leadership skills of: public speaking, responsibility, confidence, organisation and team skills.

Throughout the year our Year 5 students participate in a weekly Better Buddies program. They are matched to a prep student and spend time working each week in many different learning and social situations. In addition to this program during terms 3 and 4, they begin their journey of preparation for the subsequent year’s leadership roles by participating in a weekly Year 5 Leadership program.

Another special feature of Years 5 and 6 is the coming together with the Level 4 cohort to participate in special ‘Team Building’ days.  Activities focus on working cooperatively in teams to problem-solve, challenge themselves, take risks and reflect upon their performance as senior role models of our school.

At Syndal South Primary School our Year 5 and 6 students are equipped with the lifelong skills of being confident about their learning, and themselves; facilitating a successful transition to secondary school.


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Badge Ceremony

On Friday 8th March, the Year 6 leaders were presented with their badges by the Speaker of The House of Representatives, Anna Burke.