Mt Waverley's Best Kept Secret: Syndal South Primary School

Grade 1 & 2.

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Communication with parents is essential . We provide you with an Information Booklet at the beginning of each school year. We also produce a Year 1 & 2 newsletter each term to inform you about our learning program. There is often important information in these newsletters so be sure to read through them each term.


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Parent-Information-2016 (1)

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In Year 1 and 2 students focus on continuing to develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills. Year 1/2 teachers use a variety of flexible learning spaces to maximize opportunities for students to work collaboratively according to their own learning style.


Students participate in a daily 2 hour session devoted to extending their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The children work in small groups, or with a teacher to achieve a greater understanding of a variety of Literacy genres including narrative stories and personal recounts. During this time, the students are given the opportunity to use a range of technologies, such as computers, iPads and the interactive whiteboard.

Reading Recovery is offered to Year 1 students who require extra support with their reading. Our specialized Reading Recovery teacher works with these students during 30 minute individual, daily lessons specifically designed to strengthen their literacy skills.


Each week, the Year 1 and 2 students have 4- 5 one hour sessions of Mathematics each week. Here, the students participate in many authentic and hands-on tasks, designed to develop competency in a range of key areas such as Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data and Working Mathematically. These sessions take place in a supportive learning environment, where we provide a combination of concrete materials and technology to enhance learning. Students are grouped in a variety of ways to maximise learning and ensure all students reach their potential.


In Years 1 and 2 children continue to develop their Inquiry skills and learn about the world around them. A range of structured Inquiry topics are covered. These include:

  • How do things move?
  • What was it like in the olden days?
  • What makes me ME?
  • How and why do people tell stories?
  • What is a community?
  • The changing sky

These group and individual investigations focus on developing the key inquiry skills of asking questions, finding and sorting information from a variety of sources and then using the information to make a difference. Students develop their interpersonal and technology skills as they work in small groups to investigate areas of interest. Teachers use explicit teaching strategies to guide students though the inquiry process. Inquiry learning is supported by hands on interactive experiences relevant to the learning, for example excursions and visiting experts.


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Level 2 Inquiry Individual Research Projects

In Level 2 we have been looking at "What do Living Things Need to Survive?" We are all looking at different animals and finding out information about them. We will then be putting the information together and displaying it on a poster. Each child has chosen their own animal to research.
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