Mt Waverley's Best Kept Secret: Syndal South Primary School

Parent Association.

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An important part of the SSPS Community

Parent’s Association (PA) provides a forum that offers the opportunity for all parents to be actively involved in social and fundraising events, and encourages development of a community spirit between families and teachers. It also provides an important communication link, for all those involved with Syndal South –an involved interested school community being our ultimate goal.In the past, PA has been a major fundraising body within the school, raising money that has been used to improve resources and facilities such as computers and software, reading materials, digital video camera, sporting uniforms and equipment. The school has established a Fundraising committee so nowadays PA concentrates mainly on developing the community spirit through events and activities.

Primary school years are of great importance to all children, so when PA asks for your support and involvement, you can be assured that the outcome will eventually benefit your child in some way.

The Executive comprises President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, Minutes Secretary plus at least three committee members, all of whom are elected annually. Names are published through the Newsletter.

All parents of children attending Syndal South Primary School become members by virtue of their child’s enrolment and a $5 donation per family contribution.

The Association’s role is a supportive one, aiming to promote the development of educational facilities for Syndal South, and to assist School Council withdeveloping an inviting community and some minor fund-raising for the provision of further amenities. It aims to provide an opportunity for parents to discuss school education and welfare policies and convey school community views to School Council through elected PA representatives. It also provides an important communication link, for all involved with Syndal South. PA offers the opportunity for all parents to be actively involved in social and fundraising events, and encourages development of a community spirit between families and teachers.

The Association operates with an Executive and Committee – when we have events we endeavour to involve as many parents as possible by electing sub-committees to organise each event.

PA meets monthly, with meeting times being on various days in the evening or daytime to cater for the needs of those attending.

PA aims to:

  • Invite all families to participate in their children’s school.
  • Encourage families/parents to interact together on a social basis.
  • Organise special events for the children.
  • Act as the minor fundraising body within the School, raising money that can be used to improve resources and facilities.
  • Support, assist and co-operate with staff in relation to curriculum provision and other matters.

Parents Association Events

Our uniform shop is run by volunteer parents at the school each week – you are able to fill in an order form and return it to the school to be filled if you are not able to attend when the shop is open. The Uniform Shop is open on the first and third Monday of the month from 9.00am to 10.00am. The Uniform Shop sells both new and used uniform during these times. The Uniform Shop is located next to the OSHC rooms. Remember hats can be purchased directly from the office for $8.

Working Bee

Craft group – monthy – with an aim for social interaction across the generations and to make items for fundraising events – including our school fete.

Birthday Cupcakes – providing cupcakes weekly to enable the Princpal and Assistant Principal to celebrate student birthdays with them.

Morning tea – once a term – as a social occasion, a chance to meet new parents and friends and also to discuss what is happening at school.

School Disco – a yearly event – Prep-2 and 3-6 – an exciting social event for students.

Community dinners – including Soup nights, Curry nights, BBQs – a way to involve all members of our diverse community in social events – bring a meal to share – a great way for our multicultural community to get to know each other.

Family Life – sex education sessions for parents and students – biannually

Smaller fundraising/community activities


Fundraising – Entertainment Book – a great fundraiser for the school – why not get a digital copy? Click the link to purchase a digital copy of the Entertainment Book – Get a Digital Entertainment Book